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A world of colourful DIY solutions.

The Paramatti Lo Specifico brand was created in the mid '90s to meet the demand for quality from a growing number of enthusiasts who, over the years, had been introduced to the wonders of DIY and decorating partly due to the mushrooming of shopping centres and specialist DIY chains.

Paramatti Lo Specifico's aim is to make the technological value and professional quality of JColors products accessible to end users and DIY enthusiasts.

The range differs from that of the other JColors brands in terms of both packaging – which is intended for the general public and hence sports a particularly stylish graphic design – and the choice of products and sizes, which need to meet different needs compared to products meant for professional use.

Ease of application and straightforward information on packaging, for example, were primary concerns, whereas they are not such an issue for professional painters and decorators who obviously possess superior manual skills and are undeniably well versed in painting procedures.

A series of business agreements have given Paramatti Lo Specifico products and the Colorstudio tinting systems a nationwide presence through some of Italy's leading retail chains.

Paramatti Lo Specifico is a brand of J Colors S.p.A.
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